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Level Up

Pop, RnB, Soul

LEVEL UP are a band consisting of Harrington Kanjedza, Dustin Julies, Herschel Sheldon, Roche Europa and Esrick (Rick) Nelson. Formed in 2017, they started out as a few youngsters from Cape Town that had a common goal - to start a band! 


They started jamming in church together, then they entered into competitions and talent shows within Cape Town. From there, the desire grew to the members pursuing their music professionally, and ever since then, they have achieved massive success in their home country of South Africa, as well as success in various international markets.


LEVEL UP are known for their hard work, humble attitudes, and passionate dedication and commitment to their music. The band has played internationally in 2017. They have visited Morocco and Dubai. The individuals within the band have also played with various Cape Town Artists such as Jarred Rickets, Dorney, Blitzind, Minel Malendez (Celine Dion’s Former Percussionist) and alongside South African Top Bands on big stages at Major Festivals within South Africa.


The band have composed a few of their own soundtracks which they are in the process of recording. 

For a live and highly entertaining act, contact Shake & Bake Entertainment with your enquiry.

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