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Sarah Jane and Angelo Thomas

Acoustic Pop Jazz Duo/Trio/Band

Sarah Jane and Angelo Thomas are a brother and sister Pop Jazz duo… With a love for modern pop, rock and jazz genres, this duo are highly versatile across all genres and their chilled, laid-back, foot tapping sounds are perfect for any occasion.  Their influences range from Amy Winehouse to John Mayer, Bill Withers, Adele, Jason Mraz and loads more…

The duo love spinning tracks from their favorite artists and enjoy the challenge of completely flipping them upside down, giving world music something to seriously worry about… but with total respect to the artists, they keep it real, yet fresh and totally authentic.

The brother and sister act are now also available for corporate and private functions with their band.  The additional members comprise of a guitarist, bassist, drummer and keyboard player... all of whom are also vocalists.  As a band, the Sarah Jane and Angelo Thomas act perform a variety of music from laid back lounge to upbeat dance and pop songs.

As an additional offering, Sarah Jane and Angelo Thomas have teamed up with highly accomplished Saxophonist, Buddy Wells, who now form their new trio act.  The trio have already performed at larger Gala Events, Private Dinners, Weddings and a host of other functions.  Their energy as a trio with the inclusion of Buddy Wells, gives them a new perspective on the endless capabilities of their music and as a result their sound is more distinct and refined as an act.

See videos below to watch Duo, Trio and Full Band.

Sarah Jane and Angelo Thomas: Bands
Sarah Jane and Angelo Thomas: Gallery
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