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Vanessa Holliday

Vanessa has been entertaining crowds through vinyl since her teens. Her passion for music lead her to study Advanced Music Production at Soul Candi, piano as well as experimenting with production technology in her live sets. With her fingers in a world of soulful and deep melodic music making, Vanessa has been signed to Heads & Tails Record Label, by far one of the most established deep/nu-disco house labels in South Africa. She has also recently been signed to Sullivan Room Records in NYC, one of the longest running underground house and techno institutions.

Vanessa has been DJing for over 10 years - growing from club and festival performer, to radio presenter, savvy businesswoman and producer, taking her love for sublime beats on the journey. Vanessa is one of the first female performers to sustain the ever-changing scene, exploring sounds which she does not limit herself to one sound, technology, dancing, singing, fashion and even piano lessons, as an intrinsic part of her creative expression.

Vanessa has done shows on some of SA’s best-loved community and web radio stations, including Dance Web Radio, MFM in Stellenbosch, 2Oceansvibe and Assembly Radio. Vanessa has left the crowd in the dust, as her unique adventure continues...

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