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Samson Brothers

Reggae & Blues Looping Duo

Samson Brothers Bio

Meet the infectious sounds of the Samson Brothers, the dynamic music duo that's here to infuse your life with an irresistible dose of rhythm and joy! Hailing from the vibrant city of Cape Town, these two South African natives were practically born to entertain. With a musical upbringing steeped in African beats and soulful rhythms, their sound is a breath of fresh air that'll have you grooving in no time.

Their father, Cedric Samson, is not your average dad - he's a seasoned producer, composer, and a drummer who's been nominated for not one, but two Grammy awards. Talk about a musical pedigree!

Growing up in the midst of recording studios and colossal stages, the Samson Brothers learned the ropes early on and developed a rock-solid work ethic that's second to none. They understood from day one that to make it big, you've got to put in the hustle.


Matthew and Josh, the dynamic duo themselves, are self-taught musical wizards who picked up their first instruments when they were practically kids. They've devoted their lives to honing their craft, and it shows in every note they play.


Matthew's musical journey boasts some impressive milestones. He strutted his stuff into the Top 18 of Idols South Africa in 2012 and then embarked on an adventure with Disney Cruise Lines from 2013 to 2018. Picture this: Matt, a looping artist, adding his unique style to the chart-toppers of the day, making him the very first South African musician to join forces with Disney. Oh, and he didn't stop there – he snagged the title of Musician of the Year not once, but twice! From jamming with Disney to touring with South African music legends and laying down tracks in the studio, Matthew's been there and done that.

Now, let's talk about Josh. He practically had music in his DNA, singing at the tender age of 3 and drumming like a pro at 6. By the time he hit 16, he was crafting soulful songs that tug at your heartstrings. Josh isn't just a songwriter; he's a multi-instrumentalist and a wizard in the producer's chair, too. Oh, and did we mention that at 12, he was named one of the "top 5 drummers in South Africa" by SADrum Magazine? Yep, he's the real deal.

These brothers don't just make music; they live and breathe it. In 2006, they kicked off their band "Samson," with Matt belting out the tunes and Josh smashing those drums. But that's just the beginning of their epic musical journey.


Fast forward to August 2008 when they took the stage at Nelson Mandela's 90th Birthday Celebration at the Joburg Stadium, wowing over 30,000 fans, including the one and only Nelson Mandela himself. It was an electrifying moment that left an indelible mark on their musical legacy.

The Samson Brothers aren't just musicians; they're a whole vibe. So, get ready to dance, groove, and connect with these incredible talents who are here to make your world a whole lot more fun through the magic of music!

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