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The Adamu Trio

Afro Jazz Trio

Adamu is an Angolan singer/songwriter who has lead a genuine wandering minstrel life, traveling and playing in Congo, DR Congo Gabon, Cameroon and Namibia before settling in Cape Town. He is of Angolan descendant country, rich in musical heritage and this is reflected in his original compositions; an Afro-Latin fusion of musical styles and languages.

Adamu sings in Portuguese, French, English, Spanish, Kicongo and other central African languages.

A versatile performer, his sets range in feel from high-energy kwasa kwasa and afro-beat to more gentle jazz and African ‘world’ music. Adamu has shared stages with African giants Manu Dibango and Salif Keita, and has supported Crosby, Stills and Nash on tour. Often performing solo, where he gets to exhibit his soulful, evocative voice, it’s when joined by his band (sax, flute, bass and drums), that one experiences Adamu’s full musical scope and exuberance.

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