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Sarah Jane

Urban Pop & Jazz Singer

Born into a family where the hills were alive with the sound of music, Sarah Jane was raised in a home where she came to love music at a really young age.  Following in her brother's footsteps, Sarah Jane took to her music career with more focus and a drive to learn more and experience more of what the music industry has to offer.  At age 15 she performed her first solo show in front of 500 people, was enrolled into the Athlone Music Academy at age 16 and UCT Music College around age 19 where she began performing in the corporate, wedding and private sector with her brother.

Throughout her music career, she has always performed in bands and more recently left her band, G&T, to pursue a solo music career. The success of G&T, allowed her the opportunity to perform in front of thousands of people at KFM K-Day as well as the release of their first single "Shameless", which was produced by Needlz (Bruno Mars, Drake amidst others), which received over 1.7 million streams of Soundcloud in just 2 weeks.

Sarah Jane is at it again, except this time, she's taking charge and ready to show the world what she can do on her own.

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