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Hot water

Afro Rock Band

Donovan Copley is the madman of the South African music scene for sure. His genre-bending creation, Hot Water, is a fusion of everything we love and know about being South African. From kwasa-kwasa to sakkie-sakkie, from folk and blues to maskanda, you know you are in the presence of the crazy and profound - it has grown and organically evolved through a musical exploration of what it truly means to be home.

Cape Town's Hot Water launched onto the scene in 2006, and have since cut three critically acclaimed studio albums and played at every major music festival in the country: Kirstenbosch Gardens, Rocking the Daisies and Oppikoppi to name a few. They've also performed with musical legends such as Hugh Masekela, Johnny Clegg, Mango Groove and FreshlyGround, as well as spontaneously hitting the stage with artists including Karen Zoid, David Kramer and Dizu Plaatjies. Widely featured in many local and international commercials and shows, and the only band to have performed on top Table Mountain, Hot Water is unstoppable.

From very early on, Hot Water garnered attention from across the globe. They have performed in over 10 different countries; from the twelve thousand-strong crowd at WOMAD Cáceres, Spain to the Royal Carré Theatre in the Netherlands, Hot Water has taken its distinctive South African sound across the globe - and the world can’t get enough.

On stage, Donovan is a master of the unexpected. Whether he's hanging from the scaffolding or breaking out into a toyi-toyi, there’s no doubt you're in for some unforgettable fun. Locally rooted, while at the same time internationally successful, Donovan Copley’s Hot Water is an irrepressible wellspring of joy, and honesty, found deep in the roots of what makes us human.

Finally, it's arrived - a musical statement of happiness and one hell of a jam.

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